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'''Aaron Hillel Swartz''' (November 8, 1986 – January 11, 2013) was an American computer programmer, entrepreneur, writer, political organizer and Internet Hacktivism|hacktivist. He was involved in the development of the web feed format RSS and the Markdown publishing format, the organization Creative Commons, the website framework and the social news site, Reddit, in which he became a partner after its merger with his company, Infogami. He committed suicide while under Federal judiciary of the United States|federal indictment for data-theft, a prosecution that was characterized by his family as being "the product of a criminal-justice system rife with intimidation and prosecutorial overreach". Swartz's work also focused on civic awareness and activism. He helped launch the...
Birth nameAaron H. Swartz
Birth date{{birth date|1986|11|8}}
Birth place{{nowrap|Highland Park, Illinois, U.S.}}
Death date{{death date and age|2013|01|11|1986|11|8}}
Death place{{nowrap|Brooklyn, New York, U.S.}}
Death causeSuicide by hanging
ParentsRobert Swartz (father)
Susan Swartz (mother)
OccupationSoftware developer, writer, Hacktivism|Internet activist
AwardsAmerican Library Association's James Madison Award ''(posthumously)''
EFF Pioneer Award 2013 ''(posthumously)''
Internet Hall of Fame 2013 ''(posthumously)''
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